About Rob Wilson

Rob Wilson is an innovator, who has developed several businesses including a highly successful direct response copywriting business. Important to creating persuasive direct response copy is an understanding of what motivates people to act. Rob has been a student of human motivation since high school.

As a college student, he studied philosophy and psychology and worked in mental health. His first job as a motivator was in suicide prevention. He worked for a short-term mental hospital where he learned how to help people, who were suffering from depression, quickly get up and functioning back in society.

Rob started his first companies in college. His first, a multi-level marketing company, failed. However, he took that experience and made his second business, a specialty jewelry company, a success.

After college, Wilson took his understanding of human motivation and put it to use in advertising. First as the partner in charge of marketing for a wholesale apparel company; then with his own direct response advertising agency. For more than 20 years, Robís direct response copywriting motivated people to buy while helping dozens of companies increase sales. Robís services include freelance copywriting for Web pages, E-Mail marketing, Online Ads, Direct Mail, Print Ads, and more.

Rob won many advertising awards over the past two decades, including several Addys from the American Advertising Federation. But his most prized awards came from the Direct Marketing Association. The DMA awarded Rob with eight SouthStars (unique among advertising awards, the SouthStars are given - not just for creativity - but for increasing a company's return on investment).

As a result, of these awards and his growing reputation in the advertising industry, Rob was invited by four colleges to teach advertising copywriting. He accepted the opportunity offered by Georgia State University where, for five years, he taught advertising copywriting, marketing, and public relations through their Small Business Development Center. Rob quickly recognized a market for his message when dozens of advertising sales representatives from all facets of media packed his first class. He converted his classes into workshops and seminars and took them on the road. Rob went on to teach direct response copywriting to advertising professionals in 35 U.S. states and Canada.

Robís seminar which teaches the science of advertising with an emphasis on direct response copywriting is titled: Create Advertising That Sells! A powerful storyteller, Rob's compelling direct response copy creates vivid images in the minds of his listeners and readers. His advertising copy conveys memorable messages that inspire people to move to the next level in the buying decision whether it is to buy, click, phone, or send for more information.

Wilson is also the author of four books, plus he is a regular contributor to Psychology Today and The Huffington Post.

Rob Wilson's Accomplishments

Rob Wilson is a highly talented and accomplished Marketing and Communications professional with more than 20 years experience increasing business for Consumer, Business-to-Business and Non-Profit products and services. He has an extensive background in the financial, food, healthcare, media, and transportation industries. His proven ability to manage and develop successful advertising, public relations and marketing campaigns has increased ROI for his clients.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS (Strategy, Copywriting and Creative Direction):
* Increased Loan Revenues $3,616,011 For First Family Financial Services.
* Increased Arthritis Today Magazine Subscriptions 200%.
* Increased Ticket Sales 93% For The Fox Theatre.
* Increased Donation Revenue 81% For The USO.
* Generated a 66% response with a self-mailer for St. Josephís Hospital.
* Increased user volume 47% for Suntrust Bank's interactive website.
* Developed an internationally syndicated column with a readership >1M.

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